New Portable Body Massager

Stop that Pain Now before it Stops you!

New Portable Body Massager


Immediate Results: Just after a single session with this amazing product, you will notice an instant wonderful improvement and relief from that long-standing back pain for the whole of the day, and guarantees a good night’s sleep.
Significant Improvement: Stunning testimonies from our many customers have proven that a minimum of  3-5 days of repeated use of this amazing product has shown significant improvements.
Posture Correction: This simple but wonderful product is designed to synchronize with your spine’s natural curvature and be comfortable enough for you to relax and stretch passively, without causing any damage to your spine. Isn’t this wonderful!!!





How to Use this EMS Neck Massager

1. First, you need to check the charge of the massager; make sure it is fully charged or has enough battery life, which you can use for the recommended time without any interruptions.

2. Find a comfortable place for sitting or lying down. This way, it will help you to get a massage in a relaxed and comfortable environment, making sure to adjust the massager to fit into your neck.

3. Adjust the intensity level of the massager using the intensity modes. This should be adjusted to your needs. Though, it is recommended to start with low intensity and gradually increase the intensity. Use time is between 15mins and 30mins.

4. As soon as you are done, ensure to turn off the massager and remove it from your neck, and keep it in a safe place to avoid any damage.


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